Thursday, November 15, 2012


There is never a dull moment with that boy.  He keeps us laughing!

I have been putting this post off because there is always another Tyler story or two that I can't quite seem to bring to mind.  Finally I have realized there are always going to be more Tyler stories, and you all could be enjoying these now!

His name for his baby brother:
Danield Austim
(Pronounced Dan-yuled Aw-stem)

Eating soup:  We warned him it was hot but he didn't listen, and swallowed a bite of chicken.. whole.
I saw the swallow, and then his eyes got big, and a little watery, and in a semi-strained voice he said, "I ate my big chicken of hot!"

Then there was the day he found a Santa hat in the living room closet.  He wasted no time getting it on his head and parading through the house proclaiming, "Ho ho ho... Verrry Christmas!

There was this little gem of a conversation this afternoon:

Tyler: I want some of those things.
Me: What things?
Tyler: Some of those red things me and Alan had last night.
Me: Those are calld 'Skittles'.
Tyler. Oh. I want some 'Skillets'.

Another day Greg and I sat with Tyler all snuggled up and started trying to get him to count the people in our family.  

He can count, and he can name everybody, but getting him to count them as he named them was apparently too much of a hard concept.  

Greg would say, "How many kids live in this house?"

And Tyler would answer, "Dale and Tyler, and Alan and Brooklyn and Danield."  Half the time he would add on, "and Mama and Daddy."

Greg kept pressing, "So how many kids live in this house?"

To which Tyler finally replied, "A lot!"


Greg said...

and he has a knack for finding his way into our bed in the middle of the night without waking us up.

Kristin said...

Greg, That's a skill!

Michelle said...

My favorite was the big chicken of hot!