Monday, November 12, 2012

Folk Festival Fun, Part 2

After the petting zoo we circled around to the many booths and sites set up outside.

Pony rides at the hitching post:

Visited with this guy about his wooden flutes:

Watched this lady weaving baskets.
(Which made me think of my friend Keri Mae - Hi, Keri!!)

Dale liked this one. "Take a picture of me with this basket."

Never to be outdone, Tyler grabbed the nearest basket.
"Take a picture of me with this basket, Mama!"

Dale and Alan got to help make their own ropes:

Watching a blacksmith at work:

Admiring the wooden toys for sale:

Greg, Dale, and Alan participated in a 15 minute dulcimer lesson.  This is Dale's picture of the dulcimer he played.
There are no pictures of the lesson because I was several yards down the way nursing Daniel in a most conspicuous walkway.  The least private nursing session I've ever had, but I could find no alternatives!

So Tyler and I sat together while I avoided eye contact with passers-by and filled up little Daniel.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn was still strapped to Greg's front and was getting antsy.  As soon as I knew Daniel was full enough, I grabbed the stroller and Tyler and went to rescue Greg.  Or Brooklyn.  Depends on how you want to look at.

For about 30 seconds (that seemed a lot longer!) we made quite a scene (that included me overturning the -empty!- stroller) before we could make our escape.  Once back outside in the cool air my crew of littles and I were calm and happy again while the guys finished their lesson.

One more Folk Festival post coming later this week with pictures of our most favorite two hands-on activities of the day!

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