Saturday, November 17, 2012

1 Month!

Daniel turned 1 month old this week!

Things to note from our first month:

- His hair is not that funky orangey-green as the pic above shows.
It's a dark blonde, the lightest of any of our babies at birth.

- He is still nursing almost every 2 hours, 'round the clock.

- He likes to be in motion: bouncing, swinging, rocking.  
The bouncy seat and cradle are our best friends.

- Yesterday seems to be the day he 'woke up'.  Since then we've enjoyed several spells of him being more alert than before, and even smiling.  Don't tell us they're not real smiles.  We say we know a real smile when we see one!  Greg and I both had the same reaction to the new "awake" Daniel: "Welcome to the world!"

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Betsy said...

Yes he was more alert last night at Alan's birthday party. He was holding his head up and looking around.