Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 1

First day of our new school year.  Even though he's mostly busy painting the bathroom, the boys and I are getting sooo spoiled to having Daddy home for school days.  Monday for Dale started with a piano lesson from Daddy.

I rarely, if ever menu plan for lunches.  Monday I looked at what I had on hand and decided on macaroni & cheese with tuna & peas.  Little did I know I was celebrating the first day of school by making the boys favorite! lunch! ever!  They were thrilled!  Yay for getting to be an accidental hero. :)

While Dale and Alan were busy Math and Phonics and Cursive and Writing, Tyler kept busy, too.

I decided a while back to start Alan on cursive instead of print.  (More information here and here.)
We began this week with lowercase 'i'.  Before putting pencil to paper each day, I had him practice forming his letter in other ways: 
Monday - chalkboard, Tuesday - markerboard, Wednesday - markers, Thursday - shaving cream!

Since we had the shaving cream out and since Dale's hands were already messy from helping Tyler get started (since when is Tyler ever afraid of getting messy!??) we decided he might as well work on a little shaving cream division.

All went well until I left them unsupervised.  With the shaving cream can.
The bad news: It was everywhere. Curtains, window, floor....
The good news: Our kitchen table got a good thorough cleaning!

We were finishing up the first section of our Olympics lapbook when who should pull up in the driveway but Kristin and Logan!  We were beside ourselves with excitement at this surprise visit!

Even the allure of an aunt and a cousin in the house couldn't keep Alan and Tyler from joining Daddy on a trip to the hardware store, but Dale decided to stay and hold his new cousin for the first time.

We have almost checked off everything on our school list for the week!  Yay!  
Dale finished 100% of what I had planned for him.
Alan has a couple of things leftover, but they will fit nicely into his shortened week next week.  We'll be headed to Children's mid-week for a tonsillectomy.  Your prayers are appreciated!

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Our 4th grade curriculum can be found here.  I am in the midst of adding what we are using for 1st grade.

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