Sunday, July 8, 2012

One tiny piece of The Greatest Story Ever Told

In the middle of May,

after a couple of months of questions,

a little boy lay in his bed one night,

and all by himself talked to God,

expressing sorrow over, and asking forgiveness for, wrongs done.

He told God he didn't want to sin anymore, 

and asked Him to save him so he would someday live forever with Him in Heaven.

I know these are the things he said, because he told me.

The little boy soon glowed with joy as he shared his decision over and over again with others.

Today, we joyfully shared in the boy's next step of obedience, 

shedding tears of happiness, and rejoicing over a life eternally saved.

Are you written into The Greatest Story Ever Told?  A Savior came and gave his life to pay for the sins of the world: Alan's, mine, yours.  Jesus' gift of life lies waiting for each of us to take.  Have you accepted this gift? 


Karen@Candid Diversions said...

Praising the Lord with you!

Suzanne said...

Rejoicing with you!!

Arkansas Grandma said...

Thanks for the throat is tight, so proud and when I looked at the end, there was the man who calls him "son" and I was extremely proud to be the family of both of them. Thanks again for sharing.