Monday, July 9, 2012

Odds and ends from our day on the road

 - Stayed up waaaay past bedtime last night to watch 13 innings (at least our guys won!) of a baseball game that had already been hilariously delayed.

 - Got up waaaay before usual to take Alan to Children's for a checkup.  Super thankful my parents had 2 out of 4 kids for the day!

 - No book, hand-held game system, or box of coolio crayons could compete with bringing your baby sister to your doctor's appointment.  Built in entertainment and show-and-tell!

 - Ah-MAZing to go to a clinic apointment and be done and back on the road before lunch.

 - Speaking of lunch, once out of the city we made a stop to open our new ice chest and assemble some PBJ's.  I love cheap. That's our favorite way to roll!

 - Drove home amid scattered thunderstorms, and sure enough, finally looked ahead and saw the road at the horizon gray and blurry. Drove through 10-15 minutes of POURING rain.  We could hardly see a thing!  And then popped out on the other side into sunshine and blue skies.

 - Until... back at home, just before supper.  We enjoyed a fantastic thunderstorm!  Lots and lots of hard rain, along with near constant lightening and thunder.  We love a good thunderstorm, and this one was a doozy.  Then the lightening cleared off enough ahead of the rain for the boys to run around playing in it. They came in soaking wet and changed into pjs before supper.  Hungry, happy, and glad to all be together again!

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