Thursday, July 26, 2012

Question o'the Day

Alan had his tonsils out today.  Everything went well and he is doing great so far!

I'm sure I'll do a full tonsillectomy update soon, complete with pictures (of Alan, not the tonsils) ;)  but in the meantime I thought you might want to join us in pondering something.  

Or maybe you know the answer and can enlighten us.

First thing this morning, Dale (he Brooklyn and Tyler are spending a couple of days with Mimi and Gramps), turned to Gramps and asked:

Do dogs have tonsils?

We believe in asking the tough questions around here.  Feel free to weigh in. ;)


Kristin said...

Hehe. Dad sent the question to me in a text this morning. I have to say, I have no idea! I'll be prying Molly's mouth open soon to try to peer down her throat. ;)

Mrs. Random said...

I'm enough of a geek to want to google the question! According to webvet, dogs do have tonsils and can get tonsillitis!