Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: The last week of summer break

We've decided to get an early start on school this year (we could just nearly call ourselves year-rounders).  Monday will be our first day back, which made this week our last week of summer break.

We're all looking forward to getting back to somewhat of a routine, and since Daddy is still home on his break he'll be around for our first week or two of school.  That will be different for us, and the boys are thrilled about it!

So... our last week of summer break:

Monday - Greg and I took Alan and Brooklyn to Alan's checkup appointment at Children's, while the other two stayed with Mimi & Gramps.

Tuesday - We went to weekly preschool Story-time at the library.
(Dale is usually off reading, not participating, but this day he was
  asked to help with some visuals for a story.)
Tyler got bored after a while and came to join Brooklyn and me.
Really, really, bored.  We'll be working on that attention span in the weeks to come. ;)
Wednesday - I took all 4 kiddos with me shopping for school / art supplies and a few grocery items.  Almost every time we go to our local grocery store I see at least one Mennonite family.  I am not Mennonite.  I wear pants and make-up and even though my hair is long I wear it every which way.  But still... I can't help but feel some sort of kinship with those ladies when I see them. Is it the passel of kids?  The feeling of not falling in sync with the rest of society?  Even so.... we rarely make eye contact and certainly never speak.  All that to say... it made me feel completely silly, but it made my day that one of those Mennonite women struck up a conversation with me all about Brooklyn and her own baby girl in the produce section.  Am I weird? Yes.  But I'm ok with that.

Thursday - Yay!!  Our school book order finally arrived!  And just in time, too.  Also in that order was Alan's new (first) Bible which he is in love with.  Full curriculum post detailing all our new books and plans will be coming up soon.

Friday - Finished up the Summer Reading Program at the library.  The highlight of the party for the kids is always the distribution of tickets to buy stuff from the 'store'.  
Tyler with his goodies.
Dale in line to spend his tickets.

It's been a fun break, but I'm ready to put our unstructured days to bed and move back into routine and  at least a little bit of predictability!  Never mind the allure of all those shiny new school books that arrived in the mail yesterday. :)

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