Monday, July 30, 2012

The Removal of Alan's Tonsils (and related surrounding events)

Seeing as how we needed to be at the hospital at 8am, and needed 3 hours to get there in time comfortably, our day had an early start.

Big city morning traffic was not fun, but we arrived at Children's safely and on time.  Alan and Daddy were able to get in a few minutes of Spongebob before we were called back to reigster.  
 Things moved pretty fast after that.  After getting all the paper work done and a nice little co-pay taken care of we headed upstairs to another waiting room.  After a very short wait there we were escorted to a pre-op area where Alan was weighed and had his vitals checked.  After more paperwork and talking with both the ENT and anesthesiologist Alan was given a big swallow of some happy juice.  We helped him get changed in to his hospital duds and waited for the stuff to take effect.
We never really saw a big change in his speech or behavior, but the medicine did its job, as Alan had absolutely no separation anxiety as we went one direction and he was wheeled away in another by his nurse.

One hour and fifteen minutes later we were reunited with our little buddy in the post-op area.  We saw a big change in him within the hour we spent there as he woke up and his pain meds began to work.

Before we knew it it was time to go.  Alan was wheeled downstairs and Daddy came around with the car.  For the second time since waking up, Alan asked me to take a picture of him without his tonsils:
 We settled in at the Ronald McDonald House down the street to keep an eye on our fresh post-op kiddo.  Who seemed to be feeling fantastic. 
 Alan was still doing pretty good the next morning, although he was coming down from his post-op / RMH high.  We spent a little time exploring the house, which is completely new since we stayed post transplant.
 Alan enjoyed more computer time while Daddy and I cleaned up and packed up.  Cleaning your own room is part of the RMH deal.  Works for us!
 Once back home we settled in for Olympic opening ceremonies!  And of course, what's good for one brother is good for the other 2.  
We're all working together to keep Alan fed, hydrated, and rested.  Fed and hydrated is fairly easy so far, but keeping him still and quiet is another issue all together!  He spent one night and a full day with Mimi and Gramps, which helped on all fronts.  

We are still in the days of popsicles and pudding, but Alan is doing great so far.  We are super thankful for his successful surgery and recovery so far!


Betsy said...

Alan looks quite different in his picture without the tonsils. (wink-wink) Nana

Kristin said...

I am so glad he hasn't had a rough recovery day. I hope he never does!