Sunday, July 15, 2012

O that today they might fall!

We sang "There Shall Be Showers of Blessing" at church today, and although it is one I have heard a hundred times before, today spoke to me in a new way.

Maybe it is because I am often juvenile enough to get a kick out of singing it on rainy days or in the middle of August when the ground it parched and we are seriously needing some rain. :)

Today I actually paid attention to the spiritual side of the song.  (Imagine that!)  Our summer weather so far, literally speaking, has been wonderful.  Even though hot it has been so much milder compared to June/July 2010 & 2011.  I thought about how grateful we have been lately for the occasional thundershowers that come over, keeping the gardens growing and the grass green.  We get encouraged over even the hope of rain.

Who gets excited about rain at the end of January when or the middle of April when it's been pouring for 3 days straight and at least 11 of the last 15 days??  Remember those times?  It's not those days, but in the dry times when we are most grateful for the showers.  It's in the heat of summer when the ground is thirsty and so are we that we get a thrill at that wet smell in the air.

Honestly, our family is in a dry season, figuratively speaking.  Nothing earth-shattering, but just one of those times when thing after thing after thing piles on and makes you weary.  We have all been there at one time or another.  

So today it was encouraging to be reminded that even though things now are dry and our faith is feeling a little scorched, "there shall be seasons refreshing, sent from the Savior above."

"...I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing." Ezekiel 34:26


Lisa said...

We so often miss the spiritual encouragement in our hymns when we just sing them by rote. Thanks for the reminder.

Kristin said...

I read this at 5 am and sang it in my head while I was feeding Logan. :)