Thursday, March 3, 2011

Runs in the family

This is my Mom's dog, Roxy:
Roxy is a fun little dog.  She's been around since the month before Dale was born and is just like part of the family.

You should know, though, to never give Roxy bread products: pizza crusts, cookies, biscuits, rolls, etc.  

If you do, you will find said bread products buried between your couch cushions, under your pillow, or among the folds of your throw blanket.

You never know when you might find a crusty surprise treat.  It's a funny little habit, really.  

Lately it has come to my attention that this boy:
must be related to this dog:
I base this conclusion on the fact that in two days' time I have found both a chunk of cinnamon roll and half a dinner roll in Alan's bed.

And Roxy hadn't even been here.

Let me check.... mmm-hmm, yep.  Definitely the next-most-likely culprit:
Let's just hope they never get their stashes mixed up!


Lisa said...

This seriously made me LOL! And I'm at work! Shhhh!!! Hilarious is an understatement!!

Cindy said...

Well, see, you just never know when there might be a bread shortage and having a stash would be a wonderful thing!