Monday, March 7, 2011

And would you believe the whole thing was free?

As part of our current science unit on dinosaurs, the whole family headed out this weekend to see a genuine dino skeleton.

It just so happened that the day we picked out to go was the day the museum was hosting its annual dino festival.

An entire area of the museum was set up in activity stations with games, crafts, and other activities for kids.

Tyler's favorite was the area full of model dinosaur toys.  He had a fierce 'rahr' for each one.

Dale and Alan both got into the "Be-a-Paleontologist' area, chipping away at 'rocks' to find 'fossils'.  
Personally, I loved the safety goggles.  I could have taken pictures all day of that boy in his goggles.

But enough fun and games, we all wanted to see what we had come for: the dinosaur!
As far as I can remember, this was my first time seeing a full-size dinosaur skeleton, and it was amazing.

We kept circling and gaping, gazing and wondering at what amazing creatures they must have been.  Tyler even growled at it, just like he had with the toys.  We tried imagining what it would be like to encounter one covered in flesh and muscle, breathing, moving, looking.  And we might have shuddered a little bit at the thought.  

Without a doubt, we were in awe of God's incredible creativity.  I have to wonder, too, if He just wasn't having a little bit of fun when he made dinosaurs.

At any rate, we had fun celebrating them as part of His creation this weekend!

For any of you science/dinosaur buffs, the dinosaur we saw was a cast of a fossilized acrocanthosaurus skeleton found in southeast Oklahoma.


Lisa said...

Now that's what I call BIG! Maybe you should start requiring safety goggles for...oh, I don't know...eating pancakes????

Tiff said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Jennifer said...

Totally cool - and RARR right back at 'ya!