Friday, March 4, 2011

Walk, run, ride

As I have already mentioned a time or two, we are operating under a schedule again.

When I made this schedule, I put in a couple of dedicated "outside" times.  One of them even includes Tyler and me.  

As much as I think I love being outside, I often have to make myself go out.  Why?  I do not know.

This whole-gang outside time comes at 1:30 each day, and almost immediately came to equal Bicycle Time.

We don't let the boys ride their bikes in the street unless we are out to watch them (and even then I like to give them a pretty short leash).

So really, it has worked out well that there is a time each day that I make myself go outside too, because they get to ride bikes almost every day!

This morning I decided that instead of standing at the end of the driveway trying to keep Tyler herded out of the street, I would buckle him in his stroller and take off with the boys.

It worked out wonderfully!  That is, except for the fact that Alan is a lot faster than I had anticipated.  He can really scoot on the miniature bicycle with training wheels of his, and I ended up doing as much jogging as walking!

It would be nice to have pictures to share, but I didn't even think of taking the camera.  Not that I had time to take pictures moving along at those speeds!
(I searched through my files to find the old (2009!) pic of Dale above.)

I think once I get in the habit of going out every day I will be grateful outside time is a scheduled part of each day.  Especially now that the beautiful, mild days of SPRING are here!  Do you get outside much?  What do you like to do?


Jennifer said...

That is EXACTLY what I need - some scheduled "outside time"! I love life on a schedule...but I tend to overlook - ha ha - any time that might involve phsyical exercise!

Tiff said...

Our outside time is right after lunch. I'm so excited that we're finally thawing out so we can enjoy the outside again!!!!