Thursday, March 24, 2011


#1 - Daddy, Dale and I are all big into Sudoku puzzles these days.  One of us has always got the book opened up to one working on it.  Today Alan grabbed it and turned to a blank puzzle and started his own.  The best part?  Hearing him talk about his "sudy-koo".  

#2 - On a related note, we have a Corduroy book that surfaces every now and then.  Today Alan checked out one identical to ours from the library.  I didn't mind though, because that means I get to hear him ask me to read "Cordy-rordy" to him. :)

#3 - We have a box of wal-mart brand 'crisp rice' cereal in the cabinet.  I keep it mostly for making the marshmallow treats (about twice a year, lol).  But Alan has decided he likes to just eat it.  Fine with me.   And since the 'suggested serving' on the box has sliced bananas in the bowl, Alan has dubbed it his very own "Banana Crunch" cereal.  (So if Alan comes to your house and asks for "Banana Crunch", now you know what he wants.) :)

#4 - One of my all time favorites is hearing Alan talk to or about our pastor.  We all call him "Brother Bobby".  Alan?  To him he's "Brubber Bobby".  Makes me smile every. time.


Cindy said...

Up there in that picture with those shades and flip flops on, he looks way too cool for gardening.I like his style!

Anonymous said...

We love the "Brubber Bobby"!


Jennifer said...

So stinkin' cute. Sure wish I would have written those things down when my kiddos were little. Who had even HEARD of a blog back then - yea, I'm that old!!