Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Lucky" day? Maybe. Full of blessings? Definitely!

What a full day we have had!

We started with a rainbow coffee cake for breakfast for St. Patrick's day.  Other than all wearing green, it is the only thing we did to acknowledge it.  And oh boy, did we wear the green.  Dale made sure of that!

After lunch Dale and Alan and I headed to the library for our weekly homeschool garden club.  
(I must, must do a blog post all about our garden club!)  This week's meeting was one of the busiest, hardest working ones.  We planted almost everything this week!  

It was also the warmest meeting yet.  At least 80 and in the sun.  We got hot!  The kids did almost as much running in to the water fountain as they did planting!  Almost.  But not quite.  They (and the adults) worked hard!

Since we were all hot from working so hard, we came home to pick up Daddy and Tyler (Daddy's spring break this week!) and went to Sonic for happy hour.  Yay Sonic!  Yay half-price drinks!  Definitely a treat.

An even better treat was getting home and discovering what my awesome husband had done while we were gardening: he shampooed and scrubbed the living room carpet!  It smells so fresh and looks fantastic!  Made. my. day.

The late afternoon was filled with yard work for the guys.  Gramps even came over with his chain saw!  We're talking major yard work.  Tyler napped and I worked on lesson plans.  At one point there were sirens nearby and I looked outside to see this:
Turns out the house across the street behind us was being visited by a police car, a fire engine, and a handful of volunteer firemen, all with lights flashing.  A must-see for any boy, no matter what fence may be standing in his way.  

(And the firemen didn't stay long at all, and didn't go rushing in with hordes of equipment, so we gather that everything turned out ok.)

And finally, like a gigantic cherry on top, after supper I pulled the curtains and closed the blinds.  I kept Dale and Alan busy as long as I could doing a quick pick-up and putting on pjs while Daddy was busy, busy outside.  Finally, I could contain them no longer, and Daddy came in to announce the surprise:

Even as I type, Daddy and Dale and Alan are lined up in their sleeping bags with flashlights and pillows in Alan's big green barn.  A backyard camp-out.  Life just doesn't get much sweeter than that!


Lisa said...

Life IS good!!!

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

What a great day!

And, I must say, I'm totally jealous over the Sonic eating. I miss Sonic so, so much. Once, when I was expecting Sweet Pea, I made Philip stop at the last Sonic between his parents' house and our house. Yes, I know exactly where it is on the nearly 300 miles of interstate between our homes. ;)

Cindy said...

I love backyard camp-outs! I am a big stargazer and sometimes my stargazing sessions turn into all nighters. I have a little screened-in gazebo I can stay in with my Sugarplum.(cat)He likes the all nighters too!

ArkGrandma said...

Such a good Dad!