Friday, March 18, 2011

Adventure Day

I am a planner.  I like research and schedules and... well... plans.

Today, however was a departure from my way.  Today was all about Greg's plans.  

Which didn't involve much beyond our destination.  We went on a reconnaissance mission to a nearby state park.  Scoping it out for potential camping someday.  Exploring all the park has to offer.

We left with a printed map and an ice chest full of lunch.

First order of business, playground #1:

Immediately followed by a picnic lunch.

And a little more playgrounding.

Then off to a museum and gift shop on the grounds.

Dino diorama anyone?

Next stop: train ride!

Almost time to go home, but we definitely have time for one more playground:

I have to say, it was nice to just sit and ride and not worry about plans and agendas.  We all got fed, and we all had fun.  A great way to end the last weekday of spring break, and with a promise of more fun days ahead!


Suzanne said...

Yay for adventure days!!

(I'm a planner too, but Matt's revamping my ways!)

SO glad it went well - and those sure are some handsome boys you have there!

Linda Jacobs said...

You have the cutest little boys! I'm dying for a grandson!

Jennifer said...

Sometimes a departure from the schedule (and oh how I do love a schedule!) is just the ticket!!