Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Big News - Some Additional Details

Thanks so much for all of your congratulations!  
Yes, I am feeling well, 
no I am not showing (much) yet, 
yes, the boys know, 
and yes! they are excited!

And a few other observations over the last couple of months:

The #1 help for 'morning' sickness: Ginger root capsules.  Wow! Greg surprised me with them one day and they are amazing.  I have never had bad morning sickness, just occasional to frequent bouts of feeling nauseous.  This was my first time to try the ginger root, and just one capsule once or twice a day if I needed it would usually knock it right out.  And - bonus! - they can be used for motion sickness too, so even though the nausea stage has passed there is a good chance we'll be getting more use out of those handy capsules. :)

The #1 question we have heard and expect to hear over the coming weeks: "Are you trying for that girl?"  While yes, we would love to have a little pink and lace in our lives, we aren't holding our breath.  Out of 10 babies born in the last 80 years on Greg's side of the family, 9 have been boys.  Nine.  

We agreed before this baby was ever conceived that we would have another even we knew 100% it would be a boy.  And it's a good thing, because that's just nearly the odds history has given us.  That said, God determined long ago what this child would be and we are already thankful for his decision.  And already getting eager to find out in a month or two. ;) 

The #1 most fun people to tell the big news: Dale and Alan!  (I told Tyler several weeks ago... he's a good secret keeper.;)  )  Seeing as how we all still see Tyler as a baby, and seeing as how the big boys don't see his status changing any time soon, the first thing they said was, "We're going to have two babies!"  Since then Dale has been busy calculating all the age differences and how-old-who-will-be-when ("When I'm 16 this new baby will be 8 years old!").  Alan almost immediately claimed the new baby for his own.  I guess it's one per customer, and since Tyler is already clearly 'mine' he figures the next one is up for grabs.  He's called dibs.  ("You can change Tyler's diaper, and I will change my baby's diaper.")  He and Dale both are busy coming up with potential (boy) names.  Some are silly, some are actually pretty good suggestions.  Let's just hope we get this one named a little quicker than Tyler. I think he was named less than a week before he was born!


Anonymous said...

Cograts Amy! I must have missed the announcement. I'm going to hope for pink for you, but blue comes in 5s here.

Glad you're feeling well, and I'm not going to admit that I'm a bit jealous. Nope.


Cindy said...

I still like that other name you didn't pick, Oliver.

Tiff said...

When I was pregnant with our girl my son was 5 at the time. He was addiment that she was a boy and the name would be Tyrone Jefferson! LOL
Sounds like your boys are thrilled with having a new baby in the house!=) Congrats again!