Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pizza Ponderings

Some time back I was researching online for information about food intolerances and came across a message board where some folks had had a serious conversation about cheeseless pizza.

It seems some people are quite opinionated about their pizza! Some of the participants had said a pizza without cheese was a travesty and shouldn't exist. Others insisted how much better a pizza was without cheese. Really? Better? Huh.

I didn't mention what I had read to anybody, because really, it was a rabbit trail from what I had originally tried to look up.

The internet seems to do that to me.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Greg has an event come up in which he needed to eat pizza long with everyone else, but he had the chance to order his without cheese (dairy hasn't been so kind to him lately). He comes home later, and guess what he tells me?

How delicious a pizza without cheese is! How all the other flavors really come through when not being smothered with cheese.

We'll I'll be. I wouldn't have guessed it.

And while I take his word for it, I can't imagine leaving the good ol' mozzarella off my supreme.

What about you? How do you take your pizza? Fully loaded, or with just a topping or two? Do tell!


Cindy said...

I have this pizza recipe that I make sometime that has a crust kind of like a cracker crust. It is very simple to make and a hit with kids. Once I made it with lots of veggie toppings, ate some and then wondered to myself "why didn't that pizza make me feel stuffed like usual?" and then, it occurred to me. I had forgotten the cheese!! I cannot say I liked it better than regular but it must not have been bad or I would have noticed it.

Betsy said...

The more stuff on mine the better, however since us older folks like to say we watch our cholesterol, I do avoid the 3-cheese pizzas.
Cindy I don't make mine anymore, but the DiGiorno, Red Baron and a few other brands are favorites. What I have noticed, the seemingly more expensive ones are not always, if you look at the weight, you might be surprised at how much more pizza you get for your buck.

Linda Jacobs said...

Have you tried making pizzas on whole wheat pitas? Just put your sauce and toppings (my favorite right now is bottled Alfredo sauce, broccoli, and leftovoer chicken) on top then add a little shredded cheese. I bake it on the top of the broiler pan in a 450degree oven for about 8 minutes. Quick and easy and delish!

Lisa said...

Veggie pizza sounds good! I can see where it would leave you less stuffed. Linda, something tells me we will be seeing some of those pita pizzas you speak of.....'eh, Amy?

Cindy said...

I like this post, Amy! I have gotten tons of pizza ideas now!