Monday, October 19, 2009

The Nature of Things

I have two (soon to be three) boys.

When one boy outgrows an article of clothing, we fold it up and store it away for the next little boy. When little boy reaches a larger size, we open up our box and pull out a little wardrobe, all ready to go.

In theory.

In real life, boys play in dirt piles and mud holes. And fall off bicycles. And ask for tree-climbing lessons. And who knows what else.

And after all that, their clothes end up looking like this:
The britches in that picture? They used to be what we would call BLUE JEANS. And yes, they were BLUE. All over. (and if you need proof these weren't 'staged', take a closer look at the tree-climbing boy above wearing these very same jeans earlier in the very same day)

This explains why there aren't ever quite as many clothes in those hand-me-down boxes as there seems there should be.

This would also be a very good hint that this 3rd boy? He can pretty much forget hand-me-downs!

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