Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When all else fails...

I am an avid weather watcher.

I check the weather online several times a day. Forecast, current temperature... all that stuff.

I have the radar as a shortcut across the top of my web browser.

But something has gone awry and I can no longer depend on my trusty weather sources.

For one thing, it rained all weekend. And all day yesterday. And all night last night.

But every time I checked the radar? It looked clear!

(Ok, so maybe the clouds were low, and maybe we do live far from the center of the radar, and maybe it was a light drizzly misty rain at times, but still.)

To not be able to trust the radar is a major upset in our household!

And then... as if that weren't enough....
I checked the temperature this morning to see if the boys needed long sleeves or short sleeves and found this:

110? Really? So, uh... I guess that'd be short sleeves?

But it's that heat index of 259 that really concerns me!

Therefore, since all I know of weather predicting has gone completely wrong, I am switching to a new source.

One of these:
It's a weather rock. You hang a rock, any size, in a prominent place outside, with this information posted nearby:

If the rock casts a shadow, it is sunny.
If the rock is warm to the touch, it is hot.
If the rock is wet, it is raining.
If you can't see it, it's foggy.
If the rock is white, it is snowing.
If the rock is moving, it is windy.
If it's gone, there's a tornado.

I figure this ought to be more reliable than the information I've been getting!


Kara said...

Amy, this is so hilarious!! I love the weather rock. Now we are going to have to build one.
And yes, the heat index of 259 would concern me too:)

Melissa Stover said...

can't wait to see what results you get from that. reminds me of granny's cricket (from the beverly hillbillies).

Michelle said...

You crack me up. What in the world was up with the weather site you were on?!?!?

Cindy said...

Everything about that weather is hilarious. The cloud at the top with the "V" in it would worry me some too. I have never seen any coulds before with "V's" in them. Also, being an avid weather watcher, I am sure you noticed the dew point at 107 is approaching the temperature at 110 at which time you will have FOG. 110 and foggy. That will be weird. Be sure to take pix!