Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pressing (or not-so-pressing) questions

Is it just me, or is making the bed easier in cold weather? In the summer months, our comforter ends up a tangled mess at our feet or on the floor and must be re-situated every morning. But when it's cold out, it spends the night laying smoothly over the sheets, tucked nicely under our chins and only needs a little straightening (once I can convince myself to come crawling out from under it, that is). Is that just me?

Why is it that on the days I have the least patience, my children pull out all their most trying tricks? How do they know? Do they have a sixth sense of "Mama's really on edge let's pull out all the stops today?"

And while I'm at it, how does it happen that on the days I need to set an alarm and get everyone up and out, the boys sleep past their usual wake up time and I have to go in and wake them up?
But when I want to sleep in? They are up bright and early! What is with that?

And finally - is it just me, or is blogging a lot more fun when people leave comments? Hmm? Is that just me?


Betsy said...

Don't know why. It just is. Doesn't really come under Murphy's Law, but there must be some name for it.

What do you think the time change will do for your boy's sleeping habits. Will it be better? worse? no different?

Michelle said...

Waaaaaay more fun when people comment! :-) And it really is easier to make the bed when it is cold, IF you can get out of it!

Amy said...

I always have to do careful calculations when time changes roll around...
If they were getting up at 7:00, that will now be... 6:00, is that right?

Hmm.... not looking so good for me! But I guess the other end would work too... If we were putting them to bed at 8:30, they can now have lights out at 7:30, if my calculations are correct.

I'll take that!

Cindy said...

"is blogging a lot more fun when people leave comments?"...oh, that is my cue! I was asleep at the switch, Amy! Yes, it is more fun. I cannot speak to waking up the kids but I have noticed that when I am in a hurry, everything goes wrong. I knock over the coffee! I lose my car keys! Maybe we just notice those things more when we have less time.

Shanna said...

I totally agree on all accounts except for the making the bed...I despise making the bed in all seasons! :o)

Lisa said...

LOL, Cindy! Amy, I think I will drop a 'subtle hint' over at my blog--maybe I'll get more comments! ;)

Jennifer said...

Oh goodness - that last one will always be one of the great mysteries of life...one a school day, I could barely drag them out of bed but not to worry, Saturday was just days away and guaranteed to have everyone up before dawn!!

Kristin said...

I have been having the worst trouble draggin myslef out of bed lately. It is still dark outside! And it is raining!!! It is no fun to walk to school in cold, rainy weather. And what is this 'making the bed' that you speak of?

momtofivekids said...

It's so true that when I have the least patience, the kids act up. They do sense it.

Oh, how is the pregnancy going? I'm so excited for you! I don't get over here as much as I used to.

BTW I posted my granola recipe on my blog.

Suzanne ~ TheJoyfulChaos said...

You make your bed?!

They have radar. And if it's important to "impress" the public (like doctors' appointments) then that radar goes off like crazy, "let's make mom lose her mind.... NOW."

Mine is the Staying Up Conundrum. If I need them to stay awake (going to a friend's house) then they're cranky and tired by 7:30, if I've had it and want them to go to sleep early then they're still going strong at 10pm.

WAY more fun!!

Amy said...

Y'all are ALL awesome. Thanks for the comment love. :)