Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ahhh... glitter!

Today was one of those days. I was cranky, they were whiny, and things just weren't going right. After our first attempt at starting over - a walk outside - didn't go so well (too many mosquitoes!), I said the most insane thing an impatient mother could: Let's make a craft!

We are studying butterflies for science this week, and had been planning on a craft or two to go along with it, and Dale knew that. I was trying to make amends for the walk going bad. After I was committed to crafting, I was a little nervous. Not much takes more patience than a craft project with small kids!

Nevertheless, I formed a rough draft in my head (going into this cranky crafty thing without a solid plan? What was I thinking?), and off we went.

I set the boys to work cutting strips of colored tissue paper into approximately 1" squares.
I cut out a butterfly template and traced it onto a sheet of white paper for each boy.
We covered the butterflies with dots of glue and started sticking on the tissue paper bits.

It was at this point my already recovering attitude made a quick swing in a good direction. They both asked for glitter on their butterflies. Oh be still my heart! I had just wondered earlier this week if boys liked glitter or not.

It appears they do. At least mine do! For now, of course.

We smeared more glue here and there across the tissue and let the glitter fly over those butterflies.

That important step done, I traced two butterfly bodies onto black construction paper.

I put a small slit in the middle of each and threaded through one end of a ribbon* (cut around 2 ft long). Tape would be preferable, but since I didn't have any I glued down the end of the ribbon.
I then slit a small 'x' in the head of the butterfly body and threaded through half a pipe cleaner. (Dale did his own.) We gave it a half twist to secure it, and curled the ends.
With that the body was ready to glue to the wings.
Once completely dry, the butterflies were ready to fly!
I can't tell you how happy it made my insides to look at those colorful little scraps of paper with that fine dusting of iridescent glitter over them. It was so pretty and calming!

And the best part: We did something fun together and salvaged our day!

*Another option would be to put two slits in the wing section of the butterfly near it's head and tail ends. Thread the ribbon through from the plain side (the back) and glue down the ends before gluing the body over them to make a hanger. The butterfly can then hang overhead, mobile style. Seeing as how my two are outside running full speed with their butterflies trailing behind them, we'll save that option for another day. ;)


Lisa said...

So happy to see the boys taking after their MiMi!! :) Bling on boys, bling on!!

*Mirage* said...

Aww! What a cute fun craft!

Melissa Stover said...

that turned out very beautifully!

i have a changing table/dresser. i use it all the time. i always take my babies there to change them because all my stuff is set up there and the clothes are nearby too. so it makes it easy for me.