Friday, August 22, 2008

Heart of the Matter Friday Meme

The Heart of the Matter's Friday meme this week is what we'll be using this fall.Since I've already posted in detail, I'm just posting a list here and providing links to my earlier posts.

Bible/Character Study - Hubbard's Cupboard Character, Child's Book of Character Building
Math - Various workbooks, manipulatives, computer games, & life!
Science/Social Studies - Five in a Row
Handwriting - Copywork, tracer pages

To see more detail about how we are using these things or the links I've provided with them, please visit these posts:

I can't wait to see what all is posted in this week's meme. I'm hoping to get a few ideas for the years ahead. To take a look yourself, click HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Kindergarten is so fun! Hope you have a fantastic year. :)