Sunday, August 24, 2008

" be content."

Still in the hospital, but I have a few moments with access to a server that doesn't block blogger, and I wanted to do a quick post to tell you about Dale.

On Monday of last week, the beginning of Kindergarten Week Three, Dale and I began his character trait of the week: Being Content.

But this isn't a homeschool post. See - on Tuesday of last week Alan was admitted to the hospital.

It didn't take long to realize this admission would include .... Dale's birthday.

Dale realized it too. One day at home he asked Greg, "Daddy will it be just you and me for my party?" Greg assured him, no, we had a plan for that.

And we did have a plan.

We moved the party to Alan's room.

And we all had a blast. And Dale never once complained. His attitude was a beautiful example of contentment. Even when we had to skip the candles to avoid setting off fire alarms. Good trade off, don'tcha think?

So even though we missed "lesssons" 2, 3, & 4 on contentment, I believe Dale's shown enough to get an "A+" on this one! :)

"...for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." Phillipians 4:11


fairenuff said...

Oh Dale, you are such a sweetheart.

Happy Birthday!!

Hugs and kisses
Sam, Tony, Bethany and Eloise

Michelle said...

What a good teacher you have Dale!

momtofivekids said...

I have given you 2 blog awards! Check it out on my site.

lora and stephen said...

What a trooper Dale is and Alan too. He certainly has shown a great example of contentment. It looks like he had a wonderful birthday. I can so relate to your post. We have missed so much of normal life because of hospital admissions this summer. I think sometimes I need to be reminded to be content as well. We can learn so much from the heart of a child.

Kerimae said...

That's beautiful. I feel so out of the loop.....I need to get caught up with your family! I do hope things are getting better.

Blessings and hugs,