Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi everyone. Wanted to pop in and let everyone know the blog may be quiet for a few days. Alan is in the hospital - again.

We went for the longest break ever without going in, and then he woke up at 2:15am Tuesday with a fever. Which, for us, means get to the nearest ER asap.

He is doing great now, but we will still be in the hospital a few days. And as I've mentioned before, the hospital server blocks blogger. Yeesh! What am I going to do all day? I'm so kidding. Sort of. ;)

Oh, and thanks to those of you that asked for my meatloaf recipe. You make me feel like a real cook. ;) Anyway, I think I know it from memory, but I wanted to wait and actually make it this week before I posted it. Just to make sure it was good, lol. So much for that.

I'll be sure and post it 'for real' when I get back, but for now here it is, roughly:

ground beef (1 poundish)
1 egg
grated carrot

chopped onion
chopped bell pepper, if you can afford it (do you remember when these were 3 for $1!?)
salt & pepper

Mush it all together, plop in the crock pot and cook it for a few hours.

Sorry. That's the best I can do from the GI floor. I left my crockpot at home. ;)

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Kara said...

Sending hugs your way:)