Sunday, August 10, 2008

God does amazing things, the conclusion

When I last left you, in my previous post, Greg was sitting in a realtor's office. A few days before this same man had shown us a couple of rental possibilities and even invited us to his church when we got to the area.

Greg explained to him how our search had changed in the few days since we'd seen him, and that we were now looking for something very small - maybe a one-bedroom efficiency apartment or something similar. Something that would allow us to spend our weekdays near Greg's school while keeping our "home" as our house now and spending weekends together there.

Not only did this make the most financial sense, it would also simplify things with Alan while we are still getting labs often and making frequent trips to Dallas.

So. Greg and Mr. Realtor visit for a while, talk about their families, discuss what we are looking for and what might work.

It turns out:

Mr. Realtor and his wife have a large family, and homeschool their children.

They also own a guest-house next door to their home in the country.

It has plenty of room for the four of us to be more than comfortable.

And they offered to rent it to us. At an incredibly affordable rate.

It was more than we could have ever imagined. The property is beautiful. The family is wonderful. Dale loves playing with the kiddos. The youngest is a little girl 6 months younger than Dale, and then there is a boy 1 year older than Dale, all the way up to a 13 year old.

Not only are we their renters, they treat us as their guests, inviting Dale (and us and Alan) to make ourselves at home in their backyard, which must seem better than a playground to Dale with all the stuff to play with and on and the new friends to enjoy it with.
The view out our new back door.

We are so thankful, both to our new landlords and to the Lord, our Provider for this wonderful place to stay and the family we are looking forward to getting to know more and more. We waited, we prayed, and not only was He faithful to provide, but He did so with so many blessings.

God is good, and He does amazing things!


Kara said...

I love the view! I am so happy for you all. It is amazing how God works:)

Elise said...

Oh wow!! What a great ending/beginning!! Thanks for letting me know...

Natalie said...

I am so happy for you. How amazing and faithful God is. There is no other way to explain such a perfectly wonderful set up.

Mommy said...

Wow, how amazing is God or What?!!