Friday, January 20, 2012

Onions, butterflies, & circus dogs

Announcement: I an what I like to call... a 'homebody'.  I could go, and in fact, have gone, an entire week without leaving home and be just fine with that.  I'll be getting in the van on Sunday and think, "ya know, I think the last time I got in this van was... last Sunday.  Awesome!"

The rest of my family, however, likes to go places.  

The rest of my family had a great day today.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I had a great day, too.  Once I get out and going, I have to admit I actually kind of enjoy it, too.

So... today:

First trip out put us an hour out in the wind (windy wind!) and sunshine planting onions.  It's only January and it's 75 degrees and we're working in the garden!  This is messing with my head.  On this outing my boys got to see 1 grandparent, 1 great-grandparent, and 1 grandparent dog.  Dog uncle? Dog cousin?  You can work on that one.

Home for lunch and a clothing change and back out again.  This time to see an 80 year old quilt.
Yes! Definitely worth the trip.

At this stop the boys saw 1 grandparent and 2 librarian friends.

In spite of already overdue naps, we stopped on the say home for more visiting and site-seeing.  Again, a stop well-worth it.
This stop brought the boys 2 great-grandparents and 1 high-wire walking grand-dog.

Finally home for those naps and more time outside in the beautiful and crazy-unseasonably warm sunshine.  

Really.... I think I should get out more.  It's good for us all! 

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Sheri said...

I completely agree about loving to stay home. Me, too!