Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun and Games

Dale is a little game crazy these days.

Recently he and Alan made up a game of their own using chess pieces and a Scrabble board.

I didn't even know we owned chess pieces.

Then they taught Daddy how to play their new game.
 It seems to have some elements of chess, some of Chinese checkers...
 ...and some of the board game "Sorry"
 The pink and blue squares of the Scrabble board come into play, but seein' as how I haven't learned yet, that's about all I know.

Are you game players at your house? What are some of your favorites?


Kristin said...

They are so creative! Little minds at work!

Michelle said...

The girls all got new games for Christmas! Hedbanz (Emilee), Pictionary Man (Lauren) and Minute to win it (Rachel). We also like Othello, sorry, checkers, skipbo, and UNO.

Linda Jacobs said...

While Kylie was here, we played Sorry!, Yahtzee, the dreidel game (Santa put one in her stocking because she learned the dreidel song at school. That Santa is such a funny guy!), Uno, Hanging with friends on my iPhone, and she started to learn Cribbage. When we were growing up, there was always a cribbage board on the dining room table. The first time Gary picked me up for a date, I had to wait while he played a game with my brother! Love games! Your boys are so creative! Great little minds!