Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Martial Artists

We have talked for at least two years about putting Dale in martial arts 'someday'.  

Looks like 'someday' has arrived!
 Our family is embarking into completely new territory.  We are learning the lingo and belt-tying and how to do push-ups and how to get in line.  Yes, my homeschooled kids were the ones that were -momentarily!- lost when all the kiddos scurried to line up single file. (They recovered just fine, by the way.)

Already I love watching them interact with their instructor and being pushed to try new things - and succeed!
I've always suspected it would be beneficial, but I'm beginning to think this martial arts stuff just might be fun, too!


Kristin said...

LOVE it!!! I can't wait to see more!!!

Linda Jacobs said...

What a great activity for them. Gosh, they are cute!

Cindy said...

It looks like fun already!

Michelle said...

how cute they are in their uniforms!

Sheri said...

I would love to see a demonstration when they have learned more!