Monday, January 16, 2012

Her own best friend

Remember "this changes everything?"  

We knew having a girl would be different, but Brooklyn is reminding us that girl or not, she is going to be her own little self.

I've had two babies that used pacifiers, but never one that's done this:
Right now I think it is absolutely adorable and quite handy (pardon the pun).

Ask me again how I feel about it in about 18 months. ;)

Ever had any thumb suckers in your family?


rachaelnz said...

Isn't that cute! It's funny though, I had four girls, the oldest did not suck anything, the next three all had pacifiers (what a pain! Then, I had a little boy, who found his own thumb. I thought it was so clever! I also have a picture similar to this one of him at a similar age. Never mind that he's 3 1/2 and still sucks it!

Linda Jacobs said...

My Erin sucked her thumb through first grade! She finally quit by herself the summer after. It took her a week. Every night she asked me to put a band-aid on her thumb so it wouldn't find it's way into her mouth when she wasn't conscious. Sweet picture of your little Brooklyn!

Michelle said...

None of mine did, even though I have ultrasound pictures of Emilee and Lauren doing it!! They were all 3 paci babies. Your cutie pie has so much hair!!

Anonymous said...

My sister did, and we were really worried about how we would be able to get her to stop since you can't exactly take away a kids thumb! But one day when she was about two she just stopped! Relief! - Brittney

Kimberly said...

We currently have our first thumb sucker. She is five months old and I am smitten with the sweet little side sleeping with a thumb tucked every so cutely. I'm like you...ask me again in a year or so. :) Right now, I am cherishing the cuteness and capturing in photos.