Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hey, Earl

November 3.

Sandwich Day.  National Sandwich Day? Sandwich Appreciation Day? 

I can't remember it's official name, but November 3 is the day someone decided we should recognize the significance sustenance between two slices of bread has in our lives.

This was our first year to recognize sandwich day, mostly due to the fact that my November activity book had a worksheet which I copied for Dale.

So while Dale was doing word puzzles to list out the names of a dozen or so sandwich varieties, Alan and I played an impromptu game of sandwich word building.

Yes, I made that up.  
What? Doesn't your bologna come in funny egg-shaped purple circles? No?

Yes, it was 2 minutes before the activity commenced.

I knew it was going to go well when Alan asked "Why are you drawing bread?"

If he recognized my poor attempts at drawing a slice of bread, things could only get better from there.

Which they did, when we had yummy ham and cheese mini sandwiches for lunch.

Meat & cheese on one half, butter and garlic powder on the other.  Toast.  Close.  Eat.

We even capped off Sandwich day with BLT's for supper.  But without the "T" because of my own miscommunication with our grocery buyer.  Even though we were missing the T they were the best BLT's ever, because of the addition of a fried egg.  I don't even like fried eggs and I loved this sandwich.  We will definitely be having them again, making sure we have tomatoes next time.

And since this is what I'm sure you all actually want pictures of more than my poor artwork and long-gone lunch:

Happy Sandwich Day, everyone!


Kristin said...

Haha, those sandwiches look great! And I love your sandwich art. Be proud, own it!
AND AWWWWWW!!!!!! She is so adorable! Her hair is growwwing! :-)

Lisa said...

Love the sandwich word building game! Impressive. You should consider teaching.....oh, wait.....

Cindy said...

So how did Miss B like her sandwich?

Linda Jacobs said...

Love your creativity! And I so want to kiss those adorable, chubby cheeks!