Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day in the life, newborn no-blogging edition

I can't seem to get around to blogging these days (and I miss you guys!), so I thought I'd chronicle my day to see where my time goes. 
Then I thought, 'hey, I can do that as a blog post!'
Then I thought, 'hey, why not do live updates?'
So here it is, a semi-live web log (get it? web log, web-log, weblog, blog) of our day.
Scroll to the bottom throughout the day for updates.

6:30 - Brooklyn wakes up to nurse. Last up around 2:30. Went to bed around 11:30.  Greg is getting ready for work.

6:45 - Breakfast smoothies for Greg and me.

7:00 - Greg leaves.  I finish my smoothie, make the rounds on the computer.

7:15 - Shower, bedmaking, etc. Met Dale & Ty getting up as I was going in to shower.  Alan up when I got out.

7:45 - Gave boys leftover smoothie. Cereal for Dale, cinnamon toast for everybody else.  Ate, read a few Psalms aloud.

8:15 - Started a load of laundry, began the boys' "morning jobs".

8:30ish - Got completely distracted and began cleaning the boys' room.  Not a completely bad thing, as it needs it desperately. Constantly.

8:55 - Returned to kitchen to finish my morning cleanup.  Laundry into dryer.  Boys playing in their room.  Mostly.  Are we the only ones that have problems with tattling???

9:15 - Put away yesterday's jumbo load of laundry with the boys.  Reorganized Dale's pj drawer.  Pulled all the shorts from Tyler's drawer.

9:40 - Nursed Brooklyn.  Read Bible story (Crossing the Red Sea), and boys colored pictures from the story.  Dressed Brooklyn.

10:25 - Boys took a break for juice.  Complete limbo time.  I played baby. Nursed her, changed her, burped her, watch her hiccup.  Dale worked on a blog post of his own, while Alan and Tyler waited patiently for the trash truck to arrive.

11:10 - Finally resigned myself to the fact that peanut butter was the best option for lunch.  Served up PBHBs (peanut butter, honey and banana) to the boys.  Leftovers for me.

11:30 - Lunch cleanup.  Chicken into the crockpot.

11:40 - Realized that live-blogging one's day really puts the pressure on productivity.  Without live-blogging I would probably be on foodgawker, or One Pretty Thing, or going through my blog reader.  It is possible I might pick up my Bible and read a chapter or two.  As it is, I sat down at 11:40 to add to the blog, and started thinking... 'what next?'  Hmm... maybe I should do this live-blogging thing all week.  Think what we'd get done!

11:45  Read a chapter of Deuteronomy.  Sat and stared.  Wondered what what to do next.  Decided to go ahead with some of our fall activities.  Our themes this week are squirrels and leaves.  Spent some prep time.

12:15 - Preschool time!  Rhymes, stories, coloring, all about squirrels  (And some multiplication practice thrown in for Dale.)

1:00 - Sat down at the sewing machine to take up some of Alan's recent hand-me-down pants. 4T = too small. 5 = too big.

1:10 - Boys head out into the beautiful sunshiny fall day, bare feet, pants legs rolled up.

1:30 - Took Brooklyn out to join the boys while she nursed.

1:45 - Gramps showed up with a load of goodies to sort through.

2:00 - Sent the boys back outside.  Gave up on productivity, and even naptime.  Crashed on the couch with the computer in front of me and sounds of the boys playing outside behind me. 

3:00 - Served an afternoon snack -outside!- to the boys.  Closed the computer and did some miscellaneous straightening up. 

3:45 - The boys' relatively new neighborhood friend showed up to play. 

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Suzanne @ TheJoyfulChaos said...

Absolutely NOT the only one with tattling problems (having fit problems with mine right now). LOVE the got completely distracted and began cleaning the boys'room! haha!! completely get that!