Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Week in Pictures

We are continuing to adjust very well to life with a newborn again.

Greg was home for a whole week!

And this week my lovely sister has been visiting, so we have spent lots of time with her and my mom.

The boys seem no worse for the wear with a new sister in the house.  In fact, I think things are going quite well for them.  While there has been a good bit of this...
...there have also been plenty of special treats and outings for the boys.

For one thing, people bring neat stuff when you have a baby.  Like Oreo ice cream rolls:
I've been so thankful the weather has cooled enough that the boys can spend extended periods of time playing outside.  In fact, it's cooled enough to need long sleeves if you go out first thing in the morning.  (And shorts and bare feet in the afternoons.)  The boys were excited to bust out in their matching long-sleeved shirts they were given a few weeks ago:
We don't keep a lot of matching outfits in their closet, but they love the ones they have.

The matching Rangers caps (how 'bout those Rangers, btw? Woot-woot!!) and the photoshoot were Dale's idea.
Something about a big-headed, short-legged toddler in an over-sized t-shirt and baseball cap was irresistible to me.

In addition to some sweeping and wiping while visiting, Mimi and Kristin have even done a little "substitute teaching" and done some table-time stuff with the boys.  As usual, Tyler got in on the action doing some gluing of his own.  I just didn't get a picture of his finished product. ;)

And Brooklyn?  Being surrounded by buffaloes seems to suit her just fine. :)

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