Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Newborn Days

It's easy to forget how demanding newborn days are until you find yourself back living them again.
Oct. 9, Brooklyn's first trip to church
Even when things are going well (which they mostly are around here), your daily routines are turned upside down, and every spare moment is filled with taken care of someone or something.

These days it's about all I can do to keep everybody fed and clean, all the clothes clean, the beds made, the house picked up, and get a little school done.  Plus work in an afternoon nap.  But that never all happens in the same day.  I have to pick and choose.  
Dale, hard at work. And yes, that is clean baby laundry on my coffee table.
No matter what is getting done or not done, life is good.  I am enjoying this little newborn more than any before her.  Experience tells me how fast the first year flies by.  And the second, third, and fourth, too, for that matter!
Tyler, just because he's so darn cute.


Kristin said...

Aw! She is so so precious! I hope I am able to enjoy my newborn days (and not freak out! haha).
Also, Tyler is too too cute. I love his cheese.

Cindy said...

All of the years fly by and the older one gets, the faster they fly. Moral to story: Enjoy every second!

Linda Jacobs said...

Miss B is fattening up nicely! She is so adorable! And Tyler, what a cutie! Cindy is right; enjoy every wonderful, sleep-deprived, smiley face, frustrating, busy, tiny peaceful moments!