Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

How we've been celebrating:
We started out the month with a giant tree, a stack of colored leaves, and  roll of double-sided tape.
We try to each write at least one blessing a day to put on the tree.

We even have guests put up a thankful leaf!  The tape we are using is re-stickable, so after Thanksgiving I plan on putting our leaves into a notebook for a keepsake.  Stores flat! :)
Some of our Thanksgiving school work on my makeshift bulletin board (until I find what  I am looking for to make one).
My favorites are the handprint Mayflowers from Almost Unschoolers. The video link (about the Mayflower II) on that site is also very good!
A turkey hairclip for Miss B!  From Vanessa.
Also from Vanessa @ Silly Eagle Books.
(Hmm...went to get that link and noticed our turkeys are missing their wings. Whoops!)
These three turkeys are among the things at the top of my thankful list, along with their sister,
their Daddy, and a host of other blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving 
from all of us in the Buffalo Herd!


ArkGrandma said...

Happy Thanksgiving from those 3 little turkeys (without wings) from Arkansas Grandma and Papa Rick. We are so thankful for all of you.

Cindy said...

Are you taking requests? I want to see a pix of Miss B wearing that adorable turkey clip, please.

Keri Mae said...

Can my kids come do crafts at your house? I'll hold baby! :)

Sheri said...

What a neat idea-the blessing tree! Your kiddos are blessed to have you as their mother!

Linda Jacobs said...

Love your creativity! That blessing tree is wonderful! Those three turkeys are so darn cute! And, I'm with Cindy; would live to see a pic of Miss B with her turkey clip!