Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best Homeschool Money I Ever Spent

I am a cheap frugal homeschooler.

While my children's education is worth any price, I find there is a lot a person can do inexpensively, or even for free.

Therefore, it is highly unusual for me to plunk down more than a few bucks for a learning aid.  But based on our experiences so far memorizing basic addition/subtraction facts, I was very much dreading beginning the multiplication tables.

The boy can memorize a poem or an entire Bible passage in an afternoon.  He has a clear grasp of the concept of multiplication, of fractions and even basic decimals.  But to commit to memory 7+8=15 or 4x3=12?  Forget it.

I have always been interested in CBD's Multiplication Memorization kit, especially after reading the Andreola's review.  After our experience with addition, and considering Dale's imaginative, visual learning style, I had a hunch it was just what we needed.

We opened up our box of jumbo-sized flash cards the day they arrived, reading the number story and memorization aid on card after card.  The next day we reviewed the 10 or 12 we had looked at, and wonder of wonders... it worked!

We add a few more every day, and I continue to be amazed at how quickly Dale is able to recall 9x5, 8x4, or 7x8.  For my learning style it is the long complicated way.  For him it is perfect and easy.  So, so thankful we have this kit!

267555: Multiplication Memorizer Kit Multiplication Memorizer Kit
Yes, this is an affiliate post.  If you are kind enough to make a CBD purchase after clicking the above link I will receive a small compensation.  That said, I would love, love, love this product if I never made a single cent! :)

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