Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let the countdown begin!

I am determined to try as much as possible to make Christmas more about a season than One Big Day for my boys.  My theory is if you spend all your time anticipating the Big Event and not enjoying all the little things that make Christmas special then you are setting yourself up for a let-down.  

And yet, in a tremendous case of self-contradiction, we have five, count 'em five countdown gizmos going on.

In the boys' room we have an oldie from my childhood, the DecemBear:
My mom hemmed this up and sewed a little stuffed bear when we were kids.  The bear moves around to a different location each day until he "finds" Christmas.  
For some reason I do not know, I consider this piece of tradition as belonging to my sister, just on loan to us until her own kiddos are old enough to enjoy it.  We've never even discussed it, yet I make sure to take extra care of it for her family. (Hey Kristin.... do you want the DecemBear???)

Also in the boys' room in the paper chain they made earlier this week.  Since we have so many activities counting down to December 25th (and since we'll be gone for several days leading up to that day) I am considering calculating the chain the countdown to our trip to see family the week before Christmas.  That would also allow more than one boy to tear off a link each day.

Just for fun the boys colored up this freebie printable this week also.  We will glue on an ornament a day until we add the star on December 25th:
You can download one too at

We have two new countdowns this year (and one from last year that I left packed away this time... that would have made six!).  One is this add-a-cookie-magnet set, a recent gift from Grandma:
And finally, the subtract-some-candy garland.  

Looks like it's going to be a busy (and sweet!) month ahead!

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