Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nice people

I had a disturbing thought this morning:

Hell is full of "nice" people.

Sure, there are plenty of the "bad guys" there, too.  Murderers and abusers and villains.

But there are also people who smiled and laughed.  Did kind things.  People that loved and gave.  People that went to church and helped others.  Nice people.  "Good" people.

In eternal torture.

Why?  Because the division between heaven and hell isn't about being good in this life.  If it was, heaven would be empty.  Because no matter how good and nice we think we are, we are still selfish at heart.  We still think ugly thoughts and occasionally do or say not nice things.

The division between heaven and hell is determined by our: #1 - admitting that we aren't actually good, and that we do wrong, #2 - realizing that Jesus took the punishment for our wrongs, and #3 - asking him to forgive us and rescue us from a life (both here on earth and in eternity) separated from him.

It's a decision, an action, so simple that people balk at it, thinking they must do more.  But we can never do enough.  All we can do is actively accept the gift that has been extended to each of us, individually.

We weren't created to live on earth and "be good".  We were created to know God, and to worship him.  Our sinful nature separates us from him and that can only be fixed by humbly admitting that we can't work our way to him but can only know him through Jesus.

But the world wants us to believe we are all good people.  Many, many "good people" have bought into that lie.

That is why some of the nicest people we know are headed for hell.

That, my friends, is a heartbreaking thought.

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Kara said...

Amy, this is a great post. I often think about this and you put it so simply that if finally clicked. An "aha" moment:) I haven't stopped by in a while- I think I missed the addition of two new little ones! So wonderful. Merry Chirstmas:)