Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Playdough

We've made homemade playdough plenty of times before, but this was my first time trying scented playdough.

I love it!
I used this recipe from No Time for Flashcards (substituting cream of tartar for the alum).  I read a suggestion in the comments to dissolve the salt in the boiling water before mixing with the flour.  That has to be the most genius playdough tip ever!  The dough is so nice and soft and not gritty!

We divided our dough into two batches.  

One we colored red and added red glitter and lots of cinnamon.
The other we left white and added iridescent glitter and mint extract.

The mint turned out with a stronger, more recognizable scent.  I can't imagine how much cinnamon it would take to get a good strong cinnamony smell!

We've been storing our playdough in the fridge.  It softens up nicely for play.  One batch even survived after a night in the freezer.  *Ahem.*  Seems someone wanted to freeze his "Christmas cookies".  

Happy playdoughing!

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