Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to the Snurkus!

Our fun-unit this week is all about the circus.  To get in the theme of things we even made a circus-themed snack.

Animal cookies
Mini M&M's
Sugar Babies
Smarties (Alan's request)

Basically I mixed popcorn and the cookies and then started throwing in random things that we had on hand.

Alan was all about it, except for one thing.... 
"Circus Snack" turned out to be a bit of a tongue twister for him.

I now believe anything we mix with popcorn and eat will forever be known as...

A Snurkus Snack.


Aimie said...

Love it!!
Going to have to try that at our house!!

Snurkus!! How cute!!

Kristin said...

Haha, oh how funny. That's great. Miss you guys already!

Cindy said...

There must be something about that 'sn' sound that is hard for kids. My niece used to not be able to say 'snickers' as in the candy. Instead, she would just say she wanted a 'snick bar'.

Kara said...

What fun! I love it:)