Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And in baby news...

I left my guys alone the other night ('alone' as in Daddy & all three boys) and came home to find the following pictures on the camera:
They thought it was hilarious and were so excited to tell me all about the 'Tyler Taco'.
It seems Tyler rolled over onto his tummy with a fistful of his play-mat... thus wrapping the play-mat around himself.

In addition to rolling over any time he pleases, Tyler also loves sitting up.  Not unassisted, of course, but he very much prefers to be upright.  So much so that we often see him leaning up against his car seat straps, just so he'll be a little more upright.  Mercy, that boy must have some serious abs!

Because of his little propensity for leaning up, we've had to retire the swing a little early.  Even with the seat belt we were afraid he would lean up so far he'd tip right out of the thing!  

So we replaced it with the highchair.  Works out better all around, too.  Not only can he sit up safely, he can reach his toys on the tray, and is up more on our level when we're at the table.

Here he is after the switch playing with one of his favorite toys.
We call it his Jingle Box.
And yes, he does seem to spend a lot of time in only a diaper these days.  What can I say?  It's summer!


Anonymous said...

He looks like he's changed since Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Sorry! Anonymous was Christy.:)

ArkGrandma said...

I am so excited, it won't be long now!!

Kristin said...

These pictures are SO precious!

Cindy said...

So very sweet. Enjoy your beautiful days with your precious boys!

Michelle said...

He is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing his sweet baby smiles.