Monday, May 31, 2010

Do little girls care about these kinds of things?

Our town is switching sanitation companies.

And why would you care about that?

Well, you wouldn't.

But to a certain little boy in our house that is Big! Exciting! News!

Mainly because we got shiny! new! red! trashcans to haul to the curb.

We first spotted them lined up by the hundreds at the city lot a few weeks ago.  Sure enough, a week or two later workers came by with several loaded on a trailer pulled behind a pickup truck and left one new trashcan in front of each house.

A few days later, we all hauled our trash to the curb one last time in our old trashcans. 

Now, you must understand that trash pick-up is always an event at our house anyway.  All activity comes to a halt as little boys stand at the living room window and watch a week's worth of garbage get dumped into the truck.  Fascinating.

This week was even better, because within a half hour or so, that same pickup truck, pulling that same trailer, that had delivered the new trashcans came back.  This time they picked up the old cans.

And all week long, everywhere we went, we had a running commentary on the status of the trashcans in each neighborhood:

"Oh look, their old one is green.  Ours is brown."

"Hey! They have their trash out in their new can, and the old one is next to the house.  Do you think they will pick up their new can?"

"I like the name of the new company better than the old one.  It sounds more trashy."

Tomorrow is the first trash day with the new company.  In addition to a new company and new cans, we also get a new day to watch our junk get hauled away.  And you can guarantee that yes, we will be watching from our living room window.  With great interest, I am sure.

Don't you wish your life was as exciting as ours?

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