Thursday, May 13, 2010

King Me!!

Dale has a new passion: 


He just learned how to play yesterday, and said so to everyone he saw today.

"Do you know how to play checkers? I do!  I learned last night!"

After his first game he started playing some pretty good moves... captured several of my pieces.

But I still stomped him in every game.

I once read that winning is so very important to boys, and you should let them win occasionally to build their confidence and such.  It sounds good in theory, but so far I haven't been able to bring myself to throw a game of checkers or anything else.

So far I've played with at least some mercy, and not captured his pieces every time he gives me opportunity.  Until he starts getting mine, anyway.  Then the gloves come off.

The way I see it, I better win while I can.  The tables will turn soon enough.  I've always stunk at checkers.


Betsy said...

Right on. I didn't ever like to throw a game either. It must work, because like you said, soon my son caught on and I don't think I won many more games after that.

Jennifer said...

You go mom! Enjoy it while you can:) And while you play...enjoy a snurkus snack!!:) LOVE IT.

Karen said...

My opinion (coming from the wife of a board game designer): never throw a game. Doesn't do any good for their "self confidence" anyway. They learn faster that way.

Now there are games that I won't play often with my 8 yr old because she can cream me. Yeah, I'm shallow like that. :)