Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Because enough is enough

Little early risers have become an increasing problem around these parts.

I know, I know "early to bed, early to rise" and all that.  But that little saying applies to Mamas as well as to little boys, and this Mama likes to rise early for some time alone.

Getting up at 6:30 to discover bedrooms empty and living rooms full (of little boys) puts Mama a little on the grumpy side.  

Early bedtimes, later bedtimes, naps, no naps... we tried it all.  Is just a wee bit of alone time to get ready for the day so much to ask??

So I finally went through with an idea I saw on a long-lost blog months and months and months ago:

If the 'yellow hand' points to red? STAY IN BED.
If it points to green, you can get up and GO! 

Our bathroom is now missing a clock, but hopefully I have regained my mornings.

So worth it.


Arkansas Grandma said...

Ut-oh.Aaron is a happy 6:30-7:00AM person. Notice I said "happy"! Can you train him in one short week?

Karen said...

That is awesome! I wish I would have thought of this back when my oldest was getting up at o'dark-thirty in the morning.

As it is now, they all sleep in fairly well and I am oh so grateful.
We'll see what happens when #4 gets here. ;)

Jaime said...

What a great idea! I can't wait to create a clock for both rooms - but especially my BOY! Thanks!

Tricia @Hodgepodge said...

I love practical!

Carrie said...

What an awesome idea!!! I am so with you on the trying to get up early & spend time with God and instead finding my two-year-old awake! So frustrating!!! He has been getting up at 6 am lately! I am definitely going to try something like this!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Just wanted to leave a note saying that I have the same situation at home with my 3 and 5 year old boys!

I tried taping a 7 on an index card covering up the minutes on their digital clock and telling them when the numbers matched they could come out. Instead they kept coming out a dozen times saying, "MOM, it still says 6!!!" ;)

Mine are usually up around 5:45-6:00 no matter what time they go to bed! Maybe this method will work better for me....

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing this ~ I'm thinking I'll have to try it, and soon!

This past weekend, while my bil & his wonderful dog were visiting, my three middle children all got up, decided to take the dog OUTSIDE to play at 5:30am.

Yes, I said 5:30am. The farmer neighbor told us later on that day. Luckily, they didn't go near the pond.....ACK!!!

Thanks again ~ great idea!