Monday, May 17, 2010


About the only kind of pudding my boys see is the banana pudding their Gramps makes every once in a while.  

I do have a box of instant chocolate pudding in the cabinet I've been saving for a rainy day to do some finger painting with pudding.  Yum! Edible paint!  But we haven't gotten to that yet.

This morning I found a box of instant vanilla and decided on a whim to mix it up for an after lunch treat.

It was a big hit!

However, it had been so long (a year? two?) since Alan had plain pudding that he wasn't too certain what he was eating, as evidenced by the following conversation, heard 'round the dessert table:

Dale: I read that pudding is made from bones.

Me: Hm.

Dale: Or maybe that is jello.

Me: Yes, I think it IS jello.

Alan, looking at his bowl of dessert: This is jello!?!


*Mirage* said...

And, Okay, I officially do not want to eat jello any time in the near or distant future now.

Kara said...

Oh how funny! I don't think my kids know that about jello-o, I better keep that under my hat since I have a pantry full of it:)