Monday, February 9, 2009

Making, hiding, building, trying

Had us a nice little day here in the herd.

I would call it a rainy day at home except we went out this morning during the rainy part for Alan's labs, and the part we were at home was more soggy than rainy, but either way... we spent the majority of our day inside. This is how we filled it:

Found this idea from
No Time for Flashcards. Fun blog full of great ideas!

We aren't necessarily doing a letter of the day or week or anything, but Dale has been really into Valentine's day this year, so I couldn't pass up this Valentine-y activity that both boys could do!

Both boys spent a good bit of time in and out of the cardboard box. Mostly Alan. Those big ol' flaps can get frustrating when you want them to close up on you, but reaching out to pull one to you pushes another away!
We've had it for several weeks, but it is still fun (and still in one piece) so I can't bring myself to throw it out yet. :)

Something else that has been around a while but has found new life lately is our wooden blocks. Dale has built a lot with them the last few days - and I love that!

Alan has watched this video a lot lately, and I played it for him several times today:

Dale and I did a science experiment. He has been big into science lately. We are FIARing "Wee Gillis" this week. The story didn't seem to grab him today, so I jumped straight to the science in hopes of sparking his interest for the rest of the week. Great in theory, except our little experiment didn't work! Greg said it may have had to do something with the humidity, so maybe we'll try again another day.

And, in a rare "two art projects in one day" blitz, we made this:

I saw the idea for this "cereal box" heart garland at Plum Pudding and have been wanting to make it for several days. Dale did some tracing, I did all the cutting, and Dale did most of the gluing. I'm disappointed in the picture - this little garland is much cuter in person! Ours is made from a Welch's fruit snacks box. Lots of pinks and purples!

We're hoping to do some more Valentine's things this week, along with some more FIAR / Wee Gillis.

Do you have any favorite hands-on Valentine projects?

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Natalie said...

I love all the valentines! You are so fun and two projects in one day! Ha! I was inspired so we will be making a t-shirt on Thursday. Stay tuned!