Thursday, February 5, 2009

How do you eat YOUR oreo?

This picture shows pretty much how Alan felt from 7am Monday morning until around 10am Wednesday (yesterday).

Even though it appears to be a regular kid fever-virusy thing, it was enough for a kid like Alan to get landed in the hospital. We got to the hospital around bedtime Tuesday and are still there now.

But that is not as bad as it sounds. Of course we would rather be home, but when you have spent as much time as we have (and some have spent much more) in a place like this, it quickly loses it's intimidating sadness.

This place has a special place in our hearts. It always will. We have gone through some of our most difficult times here. We have also seen some of God's greatest work in our lives.

Each time we come here we are reminded of these things, and happy to see the caring people that are on this journey with us, most of them from the beginning over two years ago.

Not only does coming here bring back memories, it is also a wonderful place for people watching.

Yesterday I made the long walk to the car and listened to people as I passed them by.

Two casually dressed (as in - sweats and ponytails) women were talking in a hallway. They hugged as I passed, one saying to the other, "I'm sure we'll see you again - we'll be here a while."

Hmmm... looks to me like two moms of patients just formed a new friendship.

A man in a suit stood at a busy hallway intersection on his cell-phone. "Okay, I'm here. Which set of elevators do I go to to find you?"

Yes - the elevators they are many, and navigating around here takes a little while to learn.

Finally, I got onto an elevator with a family of four: mom, dad, preschooler, and baby covered up in an infant seat. They didn't speak English, but do you know what I learned? Whining can be understood in any language.

Preschooler whined something - probably about not ready to go home, or wanting to go to get french fries, or... or... or... we can all just imagine. We've all heard it before.

Mom replied in a patient explanation. Preschooler whined again. Dad spoke firmly and whining was over.

Ahh.... parenting in any language.

Yeah... in a hard-to-explain sort of way, I love coming here. And while we will always prefer home, and we don't want to see Alan sick, and it is hard to have our lives interrupted and our families separated..... the fact that this isn't just any old hospital makes it all a little better. Because this isn't just any old hospital. In it's own special way, it is almost like home. :)

And Alan? Oh he's feeling much better. In fact, by supper time last night, THIS is what we had:

Mmmm... cookie lickin' good!

Obviously, Oreos make everything better.

And by this morning... well... you know things are better when the dino is wearing the band-aids, and the patient is not.


Betsy said...

Whew! For a minute there I thought Alan had turned into that little creature wearing the bandaid.

Greg said...

I enjoyed this post so much, that I decided I should figure out how to leave comments. Sure do miss you two.

Michelle said...

I love the oreo face!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks better than Tuesday night, Love Gramps

ArkGrandma said...

Thanks for the smiles--even if it's buried under Grandpa's favorite cookie! We sure do love that dirty face.

Jennifer said...

Alan could not look any cuter than that last photo with the Oreo face!! I love it - so glad he is feeling better.

I know what you mean about the hospital somehow "feelin right"...I am thinking of doing some volunteer work at the Children's Hospital where my Tyler was a patient - we'll see.

Hope you are home soon!

momtofivekids said...

I'm so glad Alan is better. What a blessing that you can remain so positive through it all. you're a very strong woman, and you have a mighty God!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy, does Greg eat his oreos that way also?

Anonymous said...

Amy, this is neal I left the annonymous comment about greg, tell Greg to call me soon.

brwilliams said...

Yes, oreos do make everything better. :)

Glad things are looking up for the little man!

Karen said...

Sorry to hear Alan wasn't feeling well. I'll be thinking and praying for you all.

Of course I have to tell you, your spirit (and Alan's adorable little face with and without oreos) always encourage me.

And, because you asked, I always eat my Oreos with milk. Always. :)

Ashley said...

That post was precious, made my heart ache. Alan sure knows how to eat his oreos. Totally cute. Glad he is better, sending prayers and healing thoughts your way.

Kara said...

I'm so glad Alan is feeling better!! Love the cookie face:)

fairenuff said...

We were always warned never to let Bethany eat oreos because it turns poo black (TMI!!) and we would panic that Bethany was bleeding!!

ps. Now you know what Alan will look like when he grows up a decides a beard is the way to go!