Monday, February 23, 2009

Catching Up

We came home from the hospital on Thursday. (Alan is doing great)

Saw this on the way home:
What else can I say, really?

Went to get labs on Friday. Dale came too.

This is the mask Alan wears when we go to the hospital. He has a smaller, thinner one that he wears in other public places. (He doesn't wear one at home.)

Did some science Friday afternoon. Tried a different version of a 'make-your-own-mist' experiment. This one worked a little bit better. Still not very impressive.

But Dale had fun.

We are on our way out the door this morning (so why am I sitting here doing THIS??) to get labs again and then be standing in line for the GRAND OPENING of one the best stores to ever exist.
A place where you can buy glassware and candles, fabric and flowers, scrapbooking and craft supplies. Oh my!


brwilliams said...

I went to this grand store on friday! It was very hard to contain my excitement! Hope all goes well!

Jennifer said...

So glad you are home...and all is going well - well enough for some shopping :)

Mommy said...

We did that same science experiment. Yeah, I was about as impressed as you, but the kids thought it was great.