Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun tag!

My mom (Lisa @ Simple Journeys) has passed on this fun and simple little tag.

You are supposed to go to your computer's picture files, find the 6th folder, then the 6th picture in that folder, and display it on your blog.

Here is what I found:
This is Dale in September 2004, a week after his 1st birthday. He had received a box of clothes in the mail as a gift, and we were looking through it all.

I love looking at the details on a picture that is several years old.
In this pic:
- At the far left edge is a chair we no longer have. Sold it (and it's mate) in a yard sale this past summer.

- My old cell phone is on the piano.

- As is a Willow Tree figurine that lost her head in 2008. But I took it to Paw Paw (who can fix ANYthing) and she is all better now.

Isn't my little Dale a cutie?

And now, the second part of this tag is to pass it on to 6 (of course) other bloggers.

I would love to see the 6th picture from:





Sam ( Sam - I know you are a little busy right now, but there was no way I could leave you out of a photo tag!!) :)


Jennifer said...

Indeed...Dale is a too cutie!

Natalie said...

Sorry but I got our first computer about 10 monthes ago and our first digital camera as well. I don't have enough pics on here to have 6 folders. I am trying to keep the pics off cause I need this baby to last! I did do a photo blog though! Something different.

Barbara Hagerty said...

Your little Dale is adorable!

I so enjoy your mom's blog, and now I am enjoying your beautiful blog, as well!....and I have a daughter named Amy, too!

fairenuff said...

Please Miss, I did my homework!