Friday, November 7, 2008

One of the many reasons baby showers are for women...

... and not 5 year old boys.

Mom and I attended a baby shower at our church this week. (Check out what we made for it!)

For some reason I brought Dale with me. With strict instructions on how to sit in one place and not say one word.

I think I made him afraid to talk to all the ladies, even though they all seemed glad to see him.

Refreshment time came around. Dale sat in his chair eating his cookies and punch, and then noticed someone across the room.

"What is she eating on that stick?!"

"A strawberry. You can go get one if you want."

So Dale went to the table and speared some fruit on a toothpick. And enjoyed the whole process very much.

One of the ladies told him, "look Dale! You made a kabob!"

Well. That was even more fun - to know his speared fruit creation had a name.

So he had to go back and make another one.

A different lady was at the refrehsment table this time.

Dale turned to her with his fruit-on-a-mini-stick and said proudly: "Look! A ka-boom!!"


Mommy said...


Thanks for the laughs Amy. :D

Anonymous said...

Lol and yes virginia it is genetic
dear ole dad

ArkGrandma said...

I sure do love that little boy!


Michelle said...

How funny! You just n.e.v.e.r. know what will come out of their mouths next! And I looooooved the ladybug diaper cake!